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Security industry

2020-08-19 00:00:00
Security industry

With the development of technology and the diversification of requirements, video surveillance has shown a development trend of high-definition, remote, and IP-based network transmission. The use of optical fiber access network to build a video transmission network is the general trend of the development of the video surveillance industry.

As the most widely used optical fiber access network technology currently, EPON has been successfully applied in video surveillance transmission networks with its advantages of full optical, high bandwidth, manageability, maintainability, low cost, and saving optical fiber resources, such as telecommunications. "Global Eye" network monitoring, traffic monitoring, "Safe City" and other projects.

The video surveillance EPON solution of Guanlian Communication (as shown in the figure below) focuses on providing a complete equipment solution for the video surveillance transmission network, which can meet from the initial construction to the large-scale construction, from the ONU to the IP camera through the Ethernet to the camera integrated ONU Implementation plan evolution requirements.

Industrial-grade PON, industrial-grade ONU, OLT optical modem equipment