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Analysis on the business drivers and technological development of industrial PON

2020-08-19 13:52:01

Industrial network connection is the foundation of the industrial Internet. For operators, how to apply 5G, SDN, TSN, industrial-grade PON and other new-generation communication technologies to solve industrial external network connection and factory internal network construction is urgent. Industrial-grade PON technology adopts advanced passive optical fiber communication technology and integrates with factory automation to build an emerging network platform. It is the basis for building future factory intelligence, which can effectively solve the communication and communication between smart factories and digital workshops, and construct safe and reliable factories. Network, complete the collection of basic information of intelligent manufacturing basic equipment, processes, logistics, personnel, etc., solve the numerous industrial protocols and heterogeneous network interconnection problems that plague enterprises, realize the flexible conversion and unified format of industrial field protocols, and at the same time go to the cloud for enterprises Do a good job in basic network and data services. This article analyzes and elaborates on the market business drivers of industrial-grade PON technology and its key technology development, which can provide a reference for the popularization and development of industrial-grade PON.

With the growing scale of the manufacturing industry, traditional factory network performance, stability, maintenance costs, and business transformation and upgrading have gradually been unable to keep up with the development of the manufacturing industry itself. At the same time, with various types of industrial equipment and different formats of industrial communication protocols, the cost of protocol carrying and analysis is huge. Industrial enterprises urgently need flexible and intelligent protocol analysis solutions. With the rise of emerging technology solutions such as intelligent manufacturing cloudification and edge computing, how to build an end-to-end network from fieldbus to cloud platform and realize the interconnection and intercommunication of various production elements involved in intelligent manufacturing? The basic conditions for achieving intelligence.

Compared with traditional Ethernet switch technology, industrial PON technology is a new set of safe, reliable, integrated, and advanced industrial network comprehensive solutions, and is a brand-new solution for data collection and networking in the workshop.

The construction of an enterprise internal network can usually be divided into four networks, namely: enterprise office network, enterprise production management network, enterprise production control network, and enterprise safety production monitoring network. The core of them is the production control network (also known as industrial communication in the industry). The networks other than the production control network mainly solve the problems of corporate office, internal and external collaboration, production management (ERP, MES, PLM, etc.), and corporate safety production monitoring demand.

• Common needs:

1. Monitoring network attacks on factory equipment and systems through traffic characteristics

2. There are services that require 1-5ms and 5-10ms delay guarantees

3. Industrial-grade PON equipment needs to be strengthened in physical protection indicators (such as: explosion-proof, dust-proof, high and low temperature, etc.)

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