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CATV network industrial grade PON+Eoc solution

2020-08-19 13:51:36

With the vigorous development of Internet services, the original cable TV operators urgently need to open Internet services. How to quickly open network services in the original cable TV network? The emergence of Eoc solves this problem. In the construction of two-way radio and TV access networks, the industrial-grade PON+EOC solution has been widely recognized for its low cost, high stability, and high bandwidth after years of practice. The main technical solutions for radio and television access networks. The industrial-grade PON+EOC solution can completely realize the last mile transmission of CATV, telephone (voice), and computer data in the HFC two-way network. By combining with technologies such as EPON, GPON, EOC and HFC, it will greatly promote the application development of HFC digital two-way access and triple play. The core of the technical solution is to build a manageable, operable and maintainable carrier-grade HFC multimedia broadband access network based on the existing HFC (Hybrid Fiber-Coax) network stock resources, and fully integrate the broadcasting and television The unique advantages of HFC access and the telecommunications industry enable broadband Internet services, VoIP voice services, and IPTV video-on-demand services on this network.

For industrial-grade PON+EOC solutions, depending on the placement of OLT and ONU, there are usually two network construction methods:

Method 1: Place the OLT in the branch front-end computer room, and a small number of OLTs will complete the two-way network modification coverage for users in the entire area; it is suitable for scenarios where the user's two-way network modification access rate is low at the initial stage of service opening. For the wide coverage of users, the existing optical fiber and copper cable resources do not need to be adjusted, with low investment and high yield.

Method 2: Sinking the OLT to a residential area or building, and the OLT performs two-way network modification and coverage for users in multiple buildings. It is suitable for scenarios where there is a strong demand for two-way transformation of users and a high access rate for two-way transformation. At this time, the optical fiber needs to be moved down to the building, and ONUs are installed in the corridor to meet the high bandwidth and high penetration rate of users. Demand.

Our company has always adhered to the mission of being customer-centric and creating real value for customers, providing high-quality industrial-grade PON products and services. According to the actual needs of customers, we tailor-made solutions that suit customers' actual needs.



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