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Common sense of optical fiber industrial-grade PON technology

2020-08-19 13:52:01

1. FTTX technology is mainly used to access network optical fiber, ranging from central office equipment in regional telecommunication equipment rooms to user terminal equipment. The central office equipment is optical line terminal (OLT), and user terminal equipment is optical network unit (ONU) or optical network. Terminal (ONT).

2. FTTX classification is classified according to the distance from the fiber to the user, which can be divided into fiber to the exchange box (FTTCab), fiber to the roadside (FTTC), fiber to the building (FTTB), fiber to the home (FTTH).

3. PON technology, passive optical fiber network PON means that ODN (optical distribution network) does not contain any electronic devices and electronic power supplies. ODN is all composed of passive devices such as optical splitters, and does not require expensive active electronic equipment . A passive optical fiber network includes an OLT installed in the central control station and a group of matching optical network units ONU installed in the user's premises. The optical distribution network between the OLT and the ONU includes optical fibers and passive optical splitters/couplers.

4. PON technologies mainly include: Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON), Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GPON)

5. The advantages of passive optical network are:

(1) Good upgradeability and low cost. Active equipment is removed from the access network, thereby avoiding electromagnetic interference and lightning effects, reducing the failure rate of lines and external equipment, and reducing the corresponding operation and maintenance costs.

(2) Business transparency is good, high bandwidth.

(3) High reliability, providing QOS guarantees with different business priorities, suitable for large-scale applications.

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