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W300 Ceiling AP

2020-11-02 17:41:48
W300 Ceiling AP

A Wi-Fi access point specially designed for wireless coverage in hotel guest rooms, which can effectively cover 4~6 rooms. It belongs to the indoor high coverage series. The equipment works in the 2.4GHz frequency band and can provide 300Mbps wireless data transmission. rate. The device provides 2 built-in MIM antennas, which can support large coverage and strong signal penetration. At the same time, the device has a built-in power adjustment mode, and users can adjust the transmit power according to the implementation environment. Unique ceiling design, beautiful and generous, built-in ceiling mounting accessories can be directly installed on the wall and ceiling. The equipment adopts standard 802.3af/at PoE power supply, which can ensure that users can realize long-distance network cable power supply without changing the original power network, and supports unified management and deployment of wireless controllers for CCTV.

Product performance

1. The system follows the IEEE802.11AC WAVE2 protocol, is compatible with the 802.11a/b/g/n/ac protocol, supports 2.4G and 5G working simultaneously, supports MU-MIMO, 2.4G transmission rate ≥300Mbps, 5G transmission rate ≥450Mbps;

2. Seamless roaming function, load balancing, and the number of people connected to a single AP point is ≥200. Concurrent number ≥120

3. Support 48V POE/DC 12V power supply

Key features

Light green light guide strip, milky white ceiling design

It adopts a ceiling-mounted design and can be installed on the ceiling in the room to blend with the interior decoration style and embellish the indoor scenery. The light green wireless light guide on the panel can easily identify the status of online work, and enhance the hotel's class and sense of mystery.

Support multiple SSID and VLAN binding to protect data security

It adopts dual SSID design, supports VLAN and SSID binding, distinguishes different Internet access and data access permissions according to different SSIDs connected to, and protects network data security.

Support DC and standard PoE power supply, convenient and simple network deployment

The device supports DC direct power supply, while the RJ45 network port supports standard PoE af/at power supply and data transmission, making network wiring simple.

Support wireless controller configuration, realize integrated management and convenient operation and maintenance

The hidden design of the reset button prevents users from operating the buttons at will to protect the product and network security. Cloud remote management, unified configuration and management of all APs anytime, anywhere, to meet user environmental requirements.

Application Environment

GL-W300 is a ceiling-mounted wireless access point series. It is designed for Wi-Fi coverage in hotel rooms, apartments, enterprises and other room-intensive environments. It has a beautiful appearance and is suitable for deployment in chain hotels, small businesses, and coffee shops. Commercial environments such as halls, leisure and entertainment centers, etc., are simple in construction and can easily complete wireless network formation, effectively solving the problem of WiFi signal coverage in guest rooms.

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