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GL-E8604-ATG high performance box type 4 port 10G uplink OLT

2020-10-29 17:39:38
GL-E8604-ATG high performance box type 4 port 10G uplink OLT

product description:

GL-E8604T-ATG is a box-type OLT switching equipment independently developed by Guanlian Communication. It provides 4 EPON OLT interfaces, 8 10/100/1000 Base-T interfaces, and 4 10G Base-SR/LR/ER interfaces. Only 1U, convenient installation and maintenance, saving space. The OLT adopts the industry's advanced technology, has powerful functions and QoS guarantees in Ethernet services, and supports SLA and DBA. With a split ratio of 1:64, it supports mixed networking of different types of ONUs, minimizing the operator's investment.


EPON: The OLT complies with IEEE802.3ah and the communication industry standard of the People's Republic of China (YD/T 1475-2006).

System capacity: GL-E8604T-ATG single PON port supports up to 64 terminal access capabilities, and the whole machine can support 256 ONU terminals under full configuration.

Upper connection port: Flexible design supports multiple combinations of different metropolitan area network interface types. Choose optical or electrical ports according to network conditions.

Equipment size: 1U equipment occupies less space in the computer room, consumes less power, and reduces business operating costs.

High reliability guarantee, support dual power supply.

Product Features:

Ø Provide high-density PON ports, the whole machine can support 256 ONU terminals in full configuration, which has a larger capacity than ordinary box OLT. Each PON port supports a split ratio of 1:64 (maximum access to 64 ONUs), hot-swappable PON optical module design, and a maximum transmission distance of 20Km;

Ø Support PON fiber redundancy protection, link automatic protection switching when the fiber fails;

Ø Comprehensive PON business capabilities, support dynamic bandwidth allocation DBA algorithm, dynamic bandwidth allocation mechanism (DBA) enables all users to share 1Gbps bandwidth more reasonably, and achieve reliable service quality;

Ø Support rich Ethernet functions, with effective isolation guarantee mechanism, VLAN isolation, port protection, MAC address binding, IP address binding, port speed limit, queue technology, flow control technology, etc., which play a role in the development of multi-service integration Technical Support;

Ø Complete security protection mechanism, using hardware-based packet-by-packet forwarding, can effectively detect and filter characteristic packets, support MAC address-based ARP attack automatic protection and automatic user blocking functions to prevent protocol packet attacks. Support various equipment protection functions such as DDoS, CPU overcurrent protection and VRRP to prevent illegal or abnormal traffic from entering the network, resist multiple virus attacks, and ensure the security of equipment management;

Ø Rich business functions, fully supporting the second-tier business functions. Realize advanced functions such as flexible QinQ and QoS, ACL supports L2~L7 in-depth IP message header 80-byte message filtering, providing high-quality QoS service quality guarantee for multi-service operation;

Ø Highly centralized operation management and maintenance, business-oriented, providing unified network transmission and interconnection protocols, address management, domain name management, security management, user access management, etc. Abundant OAM functions, including configuration, alarm, performance monitoring, fault isolation and safety management, etc.




Exchange capacity


Packet forwarding rate(IPv4/IPv6)


Business port

4*PON port, 8*10/100/1000 Base-T interface, 4*10G Base-SR/LR/ER interface

Redundant design

Dual power supply, can support dual AC input, dual DC input and AC+DC input

power supply

AC: input 90~240V 47/63Hz;

DC: input -36V~-72V;

Full load power consumption


Dimensions (width * height * depth)


Full weight


Environmental parameters

Operating temperature: 0°C~50°C

Storage temperature: -20°C~70°C

Relative humidity: 10%~90%, no condensation



Business features:



Passive optical access characteristics


IEEE 802.3 AH EPON standard

In line with China Telecom/China Unicom GEPON interoperability standards

Supports a transmission distance of 20Km on a single fiber

Support 64 terminals on a single optical fiber for passive spectral access

Support 128Bits upper and lower line triple agitating encryption function

Support ONU terminal legitimacy authentication, illegal ONU registration reports

Support for standard OAM and extended OAM management capabilities

Support ONU software batch upgrade, timing upgrade, real-time upgrade

Support PON port luminous power and accept optical power detection

Layer 2 features



Support for Black Hole MAC Address List (MAC Black Hole)

Support Port MAC address Limit (Port MAC Limit)

Support for 16K MAC addresses


Supports 4K VLAN table entries

Support vLAns based on ports, Macs, protocols, and IP subnets

QinQ supported ports and QinQ flexible (StackVLAN)

VLAN Swap and VLAN Remark are supported

Support PVLAN port isolation and save public VLAN resources

Support GVRP

Spanning tree

Support the STP/RSTP/MSTP

Support for remote loop detection


Support bidirectional bandwidth control

Supports static and LACP dynamic sink port aggregation

Support port mirroring

Safety features

User safety

Support anti-Arp-Spoofing spoofing protection

Flooding attacks in support of anti-arp-Flooding flooding were automatically checked

Support IP Source Guard to automatically create IP+MAC+ port +VLAN binding table

The Port Isolation hardware is supported to isolate messages between ports

Support for MAC address binding to ports and port MAC address filtering

Support user identity authentication for IEEE 802.1x and AAA/Radius

Equipment safety

Support control layer to prevent various DOS and virus attacks against the CPU

SSHv2 Secure ShGLl is supported

Support SNMP V3 encryption management

Login and password mechanisms for TGLnet that support Security IP

Support the adoption of maintenance user level protection, to prevent unauthorized user intrusion

cyber security

Support ARP traffic detection based on MAC address per user

Support ARP packet suppression or user blocking based on ARP traffic detection

Support for one-key binding based on dynamic ARP tables

Manual binding of parameters such as IP address, VLAN ID, MAC address, and port is supported

Support l2-L7 ACL stream filtering with custom 80 byte header depth

Support port broadcast/multicast suppression and automatic shutdown of dangerous ports

Support URPF unicast reverse path checking to prevent IP address counterfeiting and attacks

DHCP Option82 and PPPoE+ are supported for uploading user physical location information

Supports plaintext and MD5 ciphertext authentication for OSPF, RIPv2 and BGPv4 messages

Business characteristics


Support for standard and extended ACLs

Support for Time Range based ACL policies

Provide flow classification and flow definition based on source/destination MAC address, VLAN, 802.1P, ToS, DiffServ, source/destination IP(IPv4/IPv6) address, TCP/UDP port number, protocol type and other IP header information

Support L2-L7 message filtering down to 80 bytes in IP message header


Support to limit the rate of receiving and sending messages on ports or custom streams, and provide the ability to monitor the normal traffic of custom streams and the two-speed and three-color traffic of 2Rate3color

Support for CAR(Committed Access Rate), Traffic Shapping (Traffic Shapping) and Traffic statistics

Supports message mirroring and message redirection for ports or custom streams

Support priority labeling of ports or custom streams, and provide Remark capability of 802.1P and DSCP priority

Support advanced queue scheduling based on port or custom flow with 4 priority queues per port/flow and WRR, SP and FIFO queue scheduling algorithms

Support congestion avoidance mechanisms, including tail-Drop, WRED, and other features


Support the SA/DA Classification

Support MLD Snooping


Support IGMPv1 / v2 / v3

Support IGMPv1 / v2 / v3 Snooping

IGMP Filter multicast filtering is supported

Support for MVR multicast VLAN registration and replication across VLAN multicast

Support IGMP Fast Leave to quickly leave a multicast group

Support IGMP Proxy

Support the PIM - SM/the PIM - DM/PIM - SSM

Support PIM-SMv6, PIM-DMv6, PIM-SSMv6

Support MLDv2 / MLDv2 Snooping

Reliable features

The loop to protect

Support EAPS and GERP Enhanced Ethernet Loop protocols (loop healing time <50ms)

Support for Loopback-Detection of port Loopback detection

Link protection

Support FlexLink link backup (link healing time <50ms)

Support RSTP/MSTP link healing hardware acceleration capability (loop healing time <1s)

Support LACP dynamic link aggregation (link healing time <10ms)

Support BFD link detection

Equipment protection

Support VRRP host backup

Support 1+1 power thermal backup

Maintenance feature

Network maintenance

Support tGLNet-based port real-time traffic, utilization and packet statistics

Support RFC3176 sFlow flow analysis, can realize traffic monitoring and statistics based on protocol or address

Support for LLDP Neighbor device discovery protocol

Support for 802.3AH Ethernet OAM

Support for data logging and RFC 3164 BSD Syslog Protocol

Support for Ping and Traceroute

Equipment management

Support for command line interface (CLI), Console port, TGLnet, and WEB configuration management

Support SNMPv1 / v2 / v3

Support RMON (Remote Monitoring)1,2,3,9 mibs

Support NTP network time protocol

Support designed.the GN. Link Ⅱ Server

Support NGBNView network management system


Specification download:

GL-E8604T-ATG 4PON 10G uplink port OLT.docx

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