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4-port power supply GPON POE ONU

2020-11-02 13:46:52
4-port power supply GPON POE ONU

E8004/8U-NP is a GPON upstream 4/8 100M electrical ports with POE power supply function, a POE ONU specially designed for security. E8004/8U-NP can directly provide users with IP data access. Based on the mature, stable and cost-effective EPON technology, it provides a PON interface and 4/8 10/100M adaptive electrical interfaces. Using single fiber wavelength division multiplexing technology (downstream 1490nm, upstream 1310nm), only one optical fiber is connected to the OLT, the transmission distance can reach 40 kilometers, it supports the power-off report function, and supports the local WEB management function. The 8 POE electrical ports have the function of automatically detecting and identifying PD devices that meet the IEEE 802 af/at standard and powering them, so there is no need to worry about damaging private standard PoE or non-PoE devices. It is an economical choice for small business networks that use PoE to deploy wireless access points (AP) and IP-based network surveillance cameras. It can effectively solve the problems of cumbersome maintenance, wireless coverage, terminal equipment power supply, and security monitoring engineering chief, which saves engineering costs to a limit.

• Meet the technical requirements of IEEE802.3ah-2005 and CTC EPON equipment

>Support symmetrical 1Gbit/s rate

>Support 8 LLIDs, support two-way FEC, support RS(255,239) FEC codec

>Support downstream triple agitation, support AES128 decryption function

>Support synchronous Ethernet function, support SBA and DBA bandwidth allocation

>Support Dying-Gasp detection and reporting

>Support mainstream ONU detection

>Two-way wire-speed forwarding of Layer 2 data services, supporting 1K MAC address tables in bridge mode

>Support 802.3, 802.1Q Tag/Untag Ethernet frame, support QinQ

>Support flexible tag processing, compatible with CTC2.1, TR156 requirements

>Support energy saving in line with CTC2.1 standard

>Support L2, L3 (IPv4/6) multicast forwarding, support multiple forwarding methods, including: DMAC, DMAC +VLAN, DIP, IP+SIP, DIP+VLAN, DIP+SIP+VLAN

>Support QOS function

>Using single fiber wavelength division multiplexing technology (downlink 1490nm, uplink 1310nm), only one optical fiber is connected to the OLT, and the transmission distance can reach 40 kilometers

>Easy to install and maintain, support local/remote multiple ways of management configuration and software upgrade, cooperate with the central office OLT, can realize remote fault diagnosis and location function, greatly reduce maintenance workload

>100M electrical port supports power supply through wireless access point (AP) and network surveillance cameras (sur veillance cameras) via Category 5 Ethernet cable

>POE power supply port supports IEEE802.3af/at standard PD equipment

>Ultra-long-distance data transmission and power supply, with a distance of up to 100 meters, saves power lines, and can be flexibly installed for wireless AP and network monitoring equipment engineering

>Using store and forward exchange mechanism

>Intelligent power supply, lowest power consumption, to ensure the power demand of PD

>With power circuit protection function, it can protect the safety of back-end equipment

>Zero configuration characteristic power is automatically supplied to adaptive equipment

>Fanless silent design, energy saving and environmental protection

>The machine adopts the design of hanging ears, which can flexibly place the switch and the wall and other positions

>Support loop detection

>Support port no link power saving function


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