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2020-11-02 17:45:53

1GE Steel MDU products fully comply with IEEE 802.3-2005, have the characteristics of carrier-class operation, manageability, and easy maintenance, industrial-grade design, and provide customers with high-speed data services. It has 1 OCH uplink interface to connect with the central office equipment through optical fiber.


• Comply with IEEE802.3-2005 standard and CTC V2.1 technical requirements.

>Support Ethernet service layer 2 switching and line-speed forwarding of uplink and downlink services.

>Support frame filtering and suppression.

>Support standard 802.1Q Vlan function, support VLAN   conversion.

> Support 4094 VLANs (802.1Q).

>Support dynamic bandwidth allocation function (DBA).

>Support QoS, including business flow classification, priority marking, queuing and scheduling, traffic shaping and traffic control.

• A single MDU supports 1 LLID.

>Support IGMP Snooping, support Ethernet port speed limit, loop detection, and Layer 2 isolation.

>Support power failure alarm, support remote reset and restart function, support restore factory parameter function

>Support data encryption, support status detection and fault reporting functions, support power supply lightning protection and business port lightning protection.

Optical characteristics:

>Support WDM technology single fiber bidirectional (single fiber three-way) transmission

>Interface type: SC/PC,

>Maximum splitting ratio: 1:32

>Speed: Up and down symmetrical 1.25Gbps

>Send wavelength: 1310 nm

>Receiving wavelength: 1490 nm

>Output optical power: -1~+4dBm

>Receiving sensitivity: <-26dBm

>The longest distance between OLT and MDU supports 20 kilometers

Port characteristics:

l 1 OCH port

l 1 10/100/1000 M Ethernet port

Other features:

Certification: Comply with CE, FCC, ROHS and other standards

EMC / EMI: Comply with VCCI Class B, FCC Part 15 B standards

Safety: Comply with UL 60950 safety regulations

Anti-lightning and anti-surge voltage protection: in line with ITU-T K.21 standard

Physical characteristics:

l Physical size: 110*70*30 (length×width×height, unit: mm)

l Power supply: 12VDC

Power consumption: 6W

l Temperature:

Working temperature: -30~75℃

Storage temperature: -40~85℃

Relative humidity: 10~90% (non-condensing)


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