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G8031u-drp POE Industrial Grade 4GE ONT

2020-11-02 13:46:18
G8031u-drp POE Industrial Grade 4GE ONT

GPON ONT Optical network unit GL-G8031U-DRP as a single household unit (SFU), integrates powerful interoperability, specific needs of key customers and low costs to provide three-in-one services to users of FTTB applications.

Gl-g8031u-drp is equipped with a 2.5g rate downlink interface and 1.25G rate uplit interface in line with the ITU-T G.984 standard, providing a full range of three-in-one services, including voice, video (IPTV or VoD) and high-speed Internet access services.

The GL-G8031U-DRP optical network unit provides a standard management channel defined by OMCI that enables remote management and supports the monitoring and maintenance functions of the full range of FCAPS. Can provide 4-way POE power supply function, support IEEE 802.3AF, IEEE 802.3AT standard.

Product specifications:




Hardware interface

Y Four 10/100/1000 Base-T RJ-45 Ethernet interfaces

Y Ethernet ports are self-negotiated or manually configured

Y MDI/MDIX Automatic detection

Bottom-up priority Queue Support Service Classification based on Hardware (CoS)

The power supply

Y +12V (provided through external AC/DC power converter)

Y 2-PIN Power converter input

Support Dying Gasp

Y power switch

Power consumption

Y <8W(power consumption of POE not calculated)

Overall dimensions

Ÿ 240mm x117mm x30mm (W x D x H)

With full weight

Ÿ 0.28kg

Environmental parameters

Y Temperature: 0℃~ 50℃

Y humidity: 5% ~ 95% relative humidity



Business features:



Real now

GPON features

Ÿ Comply with itU-T G.984 GPON standard

Ÿ Supports the GEM encapsulation model

Ÿ Support DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment)

Ÿ supports 40 T-Cont and 256 GEM ports

Ÿ Supports the Class B+ optical power budget

Ÿ - hold-based mapping from VLAN to GEM Port

Ÿ Support FEC (Forward Error Correction)

Ÿ Implementation of embedded OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance), PLOAM (Physical Layer OAM), OMCI

Ÿ Supports downstream 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Encryption

Ÿ Support drop call alarm


Ÿ Support for port-based VLans and IEEE 802.1Q VLAns

Ÿ Support full range OF VIDs and PVIDs

Ÿ supports setting tag attributes based on port +VLAN

Broadcast storm suppression

Ÿ Number of broadcast messages may be set


Ÿ IEEE 802.1d/ 1S2/1W spanning tree protocol is supported

Port aggregation

Ÿ support

Bandwidth control

Ÿ Support 64K to 100M, transceiver control respectively

The mirror

 Support port mirroring capabilities


 Supports priority based on port /802.1p/IP-TOS

 Support 4 priority control


 Support Xmodem, TFTP protocol upgrade


Supports Telnet remote configuration

[SUPPORT SNMP management]

 Support WEB management

Security features

Support administrators for centralized authentication of user passwords

Supports port locking and can limit the number of MAC addresses per port

 support 802.1 x


 Support debugging information output

 support PING

 Support system log

Specification Download:

G8031U-DRP POE ONT (4GE铁壳)-CH.docx


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