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The difference between switch, OLT optical modem and router

2020-08-19 13:52:31

With the popularization of Internet technology, the Internet has completely penetrated into our work and life. Internet access has become one of the things we must do every day. OLT optical modem equipment, switches, and routers are essential equipment for Internet access. Do you know the difference between optical modems, switches, and routers?

What is a light cat?

Optical modem (ie modem, commonly known as optical modem) is a device that converts digital signals into analog signals through modulation at the transmitting end, and converts analog signals into digital signals through demodulation at the receiving end. It has the function of modulation and mediation, and is the "translator" of analog and digital signals.

Electronic signals are divided into "analog signals" and "digital signals". Telephone lines transmit analog signals, and PCs transmit digital signals. Therefore, if you want to connect your computer to the Internet through a telephone line, you must rely on Optical cat modulates and mediates two different signals.

What is a router?

A router (ie, a gateway device) is an interconnection device that connects the LAN, WAN, and metropolitan area networks in the Internet. It is generally applied to the network layer. It will automatically select and set the route according to the signal condition, and send it in the order of the path. signal. The router can be connected to multiple logically separated networks (a single network or a subnet), has the function of judging network addresses and selecting IP paths, and is the "traffic police" of the Internet. When data is transmitted from one subnet to another, it is necessary to rely on routers to establish flexible connections, and connect various subnets with completely different data packets and cut-off access methods.

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