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How to distinguish OLT optical modem equipment, routers and switches?

2020-08-19 13:52:31

Today, the Internet has entered thousands of households, and the Internet has become an indispensable thing in our lives. Generally, the most common network devices at home are: OLT optical modems (optical modems), routers, and switches, but many novice users cannot easily distinguish them. When you encounter a network failure and call for help, it often takes a long time to solve the problem because you can't distinguish the equipment. The following editor will teach you how to distinguish these types of network devices.

From the device body label to distinguish, looking at the label is the most direct and rude way. Generally speaking, the name, model and other parameters of the device are indicated on the label on the back of the device. Since optical modems are generally distributed by network operators, in addition to the device model and parameters, the label of the optical modem is usually marked with the network operator's logo or LOGO. The label on the back of the wireless router will generally indicate "XXXMbps wireless router" and the IP address of the management page, such as or tendawifi.com.

The label on the back of the switch only has the model number and the words "XXX switch".

From the interface distinction, the main function of the optical modem is to convert the optical signal into a digital signal. Generally, this equipment is available in the home that uses the optical fiber network. As shown in the figure below, OLT optical modem equipment generally has a small interface, PON port, which is used to access optical fiber lines. In addition, the TEL interface is used to connect fixed telephones. LAN is generally connected to a router (if there is no router in the house, it is generally used to connect to the computer for dial-up Internet access), and the IPTV port is used to connect to Internet TV.

The wireless router is the device that transmits WiFi, and we usually have WiFi to rely on it. The figure below is a schematic diagram of the interface of the router. Usually a wireless router has a WAN port and 3-4 LAN ports. The WAN port and the LAN port will be distinguished by different colors. The WAN port is connected to the modem/optical modem (using a network cable), which can be understood as the interface through which network signals enter. The LAN port is the outlet of the network signal, which is used to connect to the computer or TV (using a network cable).

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The interface of the switch is the simplest, all interfaces are the same, there is no distinction between WAN port and LAN port. In general, when the router's network port is not enough, you can connect another switch to expand the network port. Connect a network cable from the LAN port of the wireless router to any interface of the switch, and then connect to the computer and other equipment from other interfaces of the switch. In addition, the switch must be connected to the router for use, and cannot be directly connected to the optical modem, because only in this way can it be ensured that multiple devices are normally connected to the Internet when only one operator account is opened.

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